WK9U  Jason Leslie

This site was created in an effort to communicate an experience with Jason Leslie, WK9U (ex KC9YRO) regarding a transaction involving amateur radio equipment - in hopes of raising caution to other fellow hams who may attempt to do business with Leslie.

A high-dollar item was purchased from me by Leslie, which was shipped to, and received by Leslie per his instruction. At the time of shipment, the 1-owner item was working perfectly.

Soon after receipt of the item, Leslie raised a number of varying 'issues' and proclaimed the item was 'junk'. One such issue raised was the transmitting tube was partially seated in the tube socket (this should have been very easily resolved, as Leslie stated he'd owned four other tube amplifiers prior). Other mysterious complaints followed not related to the seating of the tube. The blower securing screw was installed for shipping.

Regardless, a full refund was promptly issued to Leslie. Leslie then returned the item back to me, absent some of the contents that were contained in the original shipment to Leslie.

The item was promptly sent back to the factory for a full tech evaluation at my expense. No problems were reported.

The missing contents of the return shipment (which were never received by me from Leslie) were also purchased at my expense. Leslie was made aware of the missing contents, was asked to offer replacement, but provided none.

The item was later sold to another buyer, and after communicating with the new buyer in the year following this transaction, the item was reported to be working just fine.

Many unsuccessful attempts were made to collect the monies lost from this fiasco in dealing with Leslie, which approach $1,000. 

A civil complaint was brought for the recovery of lost funds, and the Process Server who was hired to serve Leslie the court papers had reported that Leslie was evading service. Also, Leslie reportedly did not answer knocks on his door, turned up the volume on his TV or stereo and blocked out the windows in his residence.

The Affidavit Of Process Server is below. Certain parts are omitted for privacy reasons.